A New Era of Advance Intelligence

Beyond AI is a leading big data analytics company in Asia, helping your business to take better, more informed, faster decisions by integrating our powerful API’s

Fighting Fraud

Reliable self-contained database ADVANCE Guardian, Risky Faces and AI technology and blended together, prevent credit losses and keep fraud away for your business.

Digital Customer Onboarding

The power of biometrics, AI and the latest technologies, assists you to simplify remote customer onboarding and authentication process cost- effectively.

Contactless Identity Verification

A mix of cutting-edge intelligent capture, real-time detection, AI and big data service, speed up your work flow, keep your business ahead of the pack.

Identity Document Recognition

High accuracy (99%+) OCR (Optical Character Recognition), based on leading computer vision technology, helps you verify the identities of new customers quickly and automatically in a low touch scenario.

Deep Domain Expertise

With the power of machine learning and AI-driven automation, Beyond AI automates identity verification in a quick and efficient way for more customers onboard while guaranteeing the highest accuracy in the industry.

Commitment to Localization

Our specialized teams for each region are dedicated to offering service within your reach and providing additional help as required.

What We Offer

Beyond AI’s alternate data insights can bring down your costs significantly. Reduce wasted field resources, bureau pings, operational inefficiencies by focusing on the right things.

Easy Integration

Beyond AI SDKs take a couple of hours to integrate with your app. Beyond AI data feeds are available from get-go with friendly documentation, interpretation, suggested business scores and inputs for decision making.

Variable Costs. Measurable ROI

No need to hire and retain large analytics teams, incur high technology capex, go through development cycles, or worry about ROI of these initiatives. Beyond AI scales with your business. And Delivers instanr ROI.

Treasure Trove of Non-Traditional / Alternate Data

Look beyond unidimensional CRM and transaction data with  Beyond AIBecause a customer’s digital footprint is real. And insightful.  

Comprehensive and Continuous Data Access

Customers create value over a lifetime. Beyond AI can monitor several behavioral trends continuously, and also integrate traditional and closed loop data from internal and third party sources. 

Custom Analytics Services

Beyond AI analytics services help you extract the value of data, institutionalize analytics as a strategi capability. From reviewing data design and sufficiency to implementing custom risk models, segmentation studies, and supporting the C-suite with strategic analytic insights – we do it all. 

We’re Certified

Realize confidentiality, integrity and availability of information through the implementation of ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 ISMS.

Pricing plans that go easy on your pocket

From identity verification to score services, our pricing plans have all the features you need for your prosperous business.

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